Saturday, August 20, 2016

The Reason FOR is the reason WHY

Always struggling with my Adult ADD...getting so much better in many areas, but remaining unchanged in many as well. Consistency and procrastination are my very biggest issues. As a freelance writer, daily writing is a necessary activity to exercise my craft and polish it...and this blog was intended to be a perfect place to do just ironic...the subject of the blog is the reason I have difficulty writing it. *Sigh*
Well, time to commit a little bit in more areas of my life. I think I avoid commitment to activities sometimes because I fear the drain they will have on my already dwindled time. I've made a couple pretty large ones lately, but that doesn't mean I can't make small ones, because ones like writing every day actually enrich my life, my time, and my purpose. This blog should be touched upon at least three times a week. It was created in order to share my ADD struggles with others...but so far all I've shared is that I'm inconsistent with follow through. And yes, that IS a worthy lesson...

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