Thursday, January 8, 2015

A Place to Let it Out...

I've decided to stop bottling all my ADD agony up inside 

and create a place to share...with others whom my 

feelings and experience may help.

And also just to help myself.

Posting on my own Facebook only goes so far,

and is met with misunderstanding fairly often.

Facebook support groups have made life easier

and welcomed me with open arms...places to

find comfort.  And with the prompting from those 

friends who feel my expression is helpful,

I now begin...

My ADD struggle has been life long.

And it continues...sometimes getting better,

and sometimes becoming chaotic.

But one thing that is constant is that it never leaves.

And so I, like hundreds of thousands,

are left to deal with this roller coaster ride.

I hope that what I share helps someone else

feel better, because as we all know...

roller coasters are better when riding with friends!

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