Thursday, January 15, 2015

Foot Stuck up my Arse


So apparently the best foot that I put forward one week ago, somewhere along the line got stuck up my arse.
Tree went down last Thursday as planned...but the packed ornament box still sits in the corner...and all the Christmas decorations are still up.
One week later.
The get up and go of that day, got up and left. I did manage to keep my nose above water all week and take care of the necessities, but that's not enough...for me anyway.
Procrastination. Lack of motivation, sleep and time.
My night shift work schedule, although I love it for the most part, does have its drawbacks, the main one being when and how much to sleep. I make due with little, and I hate sleeping all day, then waking up to chores and dinner time, and the looming knowledge that it feels like I shortly must return to work.
My ADD mind whispers in my ear, "Why bother?"
I have this weird thing...if I don't have a vast expanse of time before me to do a bunch of things, I feel like it's not worth starting. I know that is both silly and unproductive, but it is always there.
The key is motivation. It isn't something I can force, or just talk myself into, or muster up out of the blue. Like a surprise thunderstorm, it simply hits me, and sometimes not at a convenient time.
Guess I need to work on that...use it when it's plentiful, and stop kicking myself in the behind when it's no where to be found.
So today I'll try again.
Push, force myself, Git'er done.

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