Monday, January 19, 2015

Rising to a Challenge


      So yesterday the Christmas decorations finally got taken even packed and into the cellar. The whole while I was thinking..."less next year."  Oh well... Still have to reorganize and clean better.
      The next two weeks are going to be a challenge. I am going to rise up to meet it. My boyfriend's 21 yr old son who lives pretty far away and whom he sees about once a year, is coming to visit for two weeks. This occurs in two weeks from now. My youngest son Nick's small bedroom was pretty much destroyed by ceiling leaks over the last 2 years and he couldn't use it anymore...but now I am pressed. Time to get him his room back and what better inspiration than the pressing urgency of a coming guest?
      My boyfriend will help me, but he is busy too same as me, so this next two weeks we need to do treatments/shampooing of DEEP cleaning, and scrub everything, plus get a mattress too. Repair of the ceiling will have to wait...
      Wish me luck...

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